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Land Freight Services

can assist with road freights and we can cover most Egypt /USA Origins, fast and efficiently, one of our specialties is organizing door collections and deliveries and if required we can arrange storage in one of our approved warehouses until delivery is required.


In the market of transport services, the most demanded are trucking, as they allow you to deliver cargo directly to the buyer’s door. In addition, auto transport does not need to create a special timetable for traffic and its strict observance, as it does on the railway transport.

The cargo also does not need to be constantly overhauled at each station. All auto transportation is characterized by a high level of reliability and prompt delivery. As a result, most of the expensive and valuable goods are transported in this way.

  • Dry, solidified, and refrigerated truckload.
  • Dry, frozen, and refrigerated truckload.
  • LTL service including online pricing, booking, and tracking.
  • Flatbed, drop-deck, and double-drop trailers.
  • Over-dimensional, heavy haul, and expedited shipments

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